Music from the balcony: Enea, dee jay from Elbasan who has created...

Music from the balcony: Enea, dee jay from Elbasan who has created his own disco and the public is the neighborhood!


Every time dusk falls in the Elbasan Congress neighborhood, Enea Gjordeni, a passionate young man, distributes house, electronic or gold music, free of charge to all passers-by and residents of his neighborhood. At first, his idea was met with much opposition from his family, with words such as “enough to make us dirty” or his angry neighbors who reminded Aeneas that he was not in Italy. But now we have reached the point where they are ‘fighting’ with each other over Aeneas’ playlists and who will be the first to say hello. We invite you to read the inspiring interview of Aeneas, where everything from Deejay’s work and the radio that broadcasts it directly, he has learned and made himself online. Isn’t it time for us to learn an online profession?

Interviewed with pride: Arlis Alikaj

– Enea, how did your passion for dee jay come about?

– My passion for playing DJ was born in my personal love for music. I don’t know how to explain it but I know how to tell if you would follow me live on my Instagram: andrewgjordeni.

– Where did you learn to play? How did you get the equipment?

– I learned the profession myself. Taking lectures online and practicing. So I learned the rules of playing the dee jay myself and I always gradually improved until I mastered the craft. Now the public adores what I do and they always call me to celebrate with good music on different holidays. While working in the summer season at weddings or various jobs I have saved money to provide and the tools I play music.

– What current does… play?

– Personally, I play the House stream at relevant events by gathering electronic music fans.

– How did you get the idea to play music from the balcony?

– At this time quarantine where it is better than having fun psychologically and spreading happiness from the balcony of your home. Surround yourself with happy faces.

In my opinion, it is an opportunity to express ourselves musically, where even in difficult times, music plays a big role in our lives, giving us a smile and detached from reality a little bit.

– Have people welcomed the idea?

– People liked the idea, although in this neighborhood where I live at the moment they are not used to this event, but deep down they like it deeply. There are some cases where I experiment with electronic currents, which can be matched with traditional folk currents and something beautiful comes out. I also play for the third age gold music considering that the balcony is a relaxing space and a little quiet music to enjoy with a Turkish coffee in hand.

– Were there any who were annoyed?

– Normally, not everyone prefers high volume music when absolute calm falls on the street, but after the passing of the day it is noticed that even those who were annoyed already prefer to listen to music with high volume. It’s a feeling that overwhelms you and ignites their harmonies.

– Enea, you are characterized by positivity, where does this thing come from?

– Positivity in my opinion exists in everyone. We just have to find the button to turn it on, especially in these difficult days of pandemics. The source of positivity is a key that makes us stronger and so we get through this situation as quickly as possible. My key is to make people happy through the music they put on the balcony.

– What message do you have for the fellow citizens of Elbasan and Albanians in these difficult times?

– The message I want to send to the people of Elbasan but also to all my Albanians is to enjoy every moment of their lives with their family and relatives, even from afar, in these difficult moments of the virus. By staying positive and cheerful in spirit every problem will be solved quickly.